London property prices! Have you seen them? Especially anywhere riverside and fashionable.

Alex Prindiville wanted to live next to the water in the capital but didn’t want to spend exorbitant money on bricks and mortar when it wouldn’t be his full-time home. So he started looking at luxury boats for sale. Some were gorgeous but a bit too, well, boaty to live aboard: Alex, just wanted comfortable accommodation, he didn’t need to navigate the high seas. And the luxury boats for sale that promised elite living carried even steeper price tags than the flats surrounding their London moorings.

The next avenue Alex explored was houseboats for sale. Where he found lots of narrowboats. Very traditional. Very romantic. A tad tight for space. So a friend suggested he Google ‘wide beam barges for sale’ and ‘wide beam boats for sale’. Some of these had the space he was looking for, none offered the style he craved.

But then he met some master boatbuilders in Sheffield, the UK’s old steel-making heartland. Their handmade Sheffield Keel wide beam steel barge had the room, had the elegance, had the quality. And now Alex had a luxury floating apartment. In the City of London. Smart, sophisticated urban living, for about a third the price of nearby traditional apartments.

Thus was born Prindiville Marine and the start of a revolution in urban accommodation.

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